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David Tutera: Celebrity Wedding Planner

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Alexander Kacala
Written by Alexander Kacala

If there is one thing David Tutera knows, it’s how to throw an epic wedding.

The celebrity wedding planner, bridal fashion designer, host of WE tv’s David Tutera’s CELEBrations and author has built a multi-million dollar brand all on bridal.  And his growing empire isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Tutera’s grandfather, a successful florist, first noticed his grandson’s artistic ability at an early age and encouraged him to pursue his passion. At age 19, with the advice of his grandfather and only one client, Tutera opened his events planning business. Now 30 years later, Tutera is getting ready to launch the second installment of “Your Wedding Experience,” a string of larger than life events touring the country.

Coming to Fort Lauderdale in May,  the event promises to offer endless inspiration, reputable industry experts, and the best possible resources under one roof. We had the opportunity to catch up with the man behind the bride on the favorite wedding he helped plan, his advice to same sex couples, and what people can expect from his event this upcoming May.

Alexander Kacala: What is the hardest obstacle to overcome when working with a couple prior to their wedding?

David Tutera: I think a couple needs to be open minded, trusting, and willing to give up control to his or her wedding planner. Without these things, the planner will not be able to help to the best of his or her abilities and execute their overall vision. The couple needs to have a clear idea of the type of style that they want their wedding to be, and what elements of the day are most important to them. Once these details are set, it is important to trust the planner in his or her expertise.

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AK: Tell us about one of your favorite weddings you helped plan and what made it so special for you?

DT: I had the honor of planning a wedding for a young couple through the Make-A-Wish foundation. The bride was terminally ill, but her young groom stayed by her side through it all. Witnessing their love and devotion to each other was so inspiring, and having the opportunity to be a part of their big day was such a once in a lifetime feeling. I will never forget that experience.

AK: The episode where you plan your assistant Montré Burton’s wedding recently aired. What was the most exciting moment from that experience?

DT: From the moment that Montré asked me to plan his wedding, I knew that the whole experience would be fantastic. But, I was taken back when Montré asked if I would be his “Man of Honor.” That was the first time anyone had ever asked me to take on that important role and I was so honored.

AK: What is some unique advice you can give to our readers, same sex couples who may be going into the wedding planning process?

DT: When planning a traditional wedding, it’s usually about checking off the expected “to-dos.” However, same sex couples shouldn’t have to worry about doing what’s “expected,” and should take advantage of having the freedom to plan their wedding however they would like: conventional, unconventional or mixed! Throw an event exactly the way you want to, and don’t worry about staying within the lines of conformity.

Photo credit: Mel Barlow & Co.

AK: You are bringing your fabulous ‘Your Wedding Experience’ event to Fort Lauderdale in May. Tell us more about that and how the idea was born.

DT: I’m always trying to find new and exciting ways that I can personally be involved in helping couples plan their wedding. Not everyone is able to hire me as their planner, so I’m always looking for the next best thing and that was definitely a big part of what inspired me to create Your Wedding Experience presented by David Tutera. This isn’t something I am just putting together, but I am actually hosting it as well, allowing me to join couples as they touch, feel and experience all of the trend-forward ideas and inspiration that I have personally come up with alongside their city’s local vendors to help get their wedding planning off to a great start!

AK: How can people or local businesses get involved with “Your Wedding Experience”?

DT: We are always looking for new vendors to come join us at “Your Wedding Experience!” Information on becoming a “David Tutera Approved” vendor can be found on the “Exhibit With Us” page at Tickets can also be purchased through our website for couples.