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Posted on 12 December 2012

$750K Judgment in Yearlong Case

WILTON MANORS — After a ruling this fall by Broward County Circuit Court Judge Mark Gold, a Consent Final Judgment has been issued requiring the payment of $750,000 damages by Matty’s on the Drive to plaintiffs Jackson Padgett and Mark Negrete, the owners of Georgie’s Alibi.

The case made headlines this fall as part of the backdrop from other legal actions between Padgett and Negrete and Terry Norman and George Kessinger, the former owners of the Alibi, and one of whom, Norman,  is a principal in Matty’s, which opened in 2008 at the north end of Wilton Drive.

In February, another judge ruled that Norman and Kessinger and Norman had made knowing fraudulent misrepresentations of material facts in their sale of the Alibi to Padgett and Negrete, which entitled them to $255,000 in damages.

In his ruling, Judge Gold found that Norman, who is listed as an officer of Matty’s on the Drive’s operating entity (NAG Bar, LLC), violated a non-compete agreement he had with Padgett and Negrete when he entered into a business relationship with Matty’s.

According to the judgment, the $750,000 judgment against Matty’s and Norman resulted from “intentional, malicious, and wilful acts” to harm the plaintiffs. It also says that Norman and Matty’s agreed to the terms of the judgment’s settlement.

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3 Responses to “Bar Brawl”

  1. Steven says:

    Glad the Village Pub opened. Great owners, great employees, great new place, great atmosphere, great location and the owners don’t stand around like pompous fools getting drunk with their friends. It’s too bad Matty’s was “forced” to close. Competition clause or not, people went there because they liked the owners, the atmosphere, the employees, etc. Sound familiar? Competition is a good thing and the owners of Alibi probably didn’t like watching former patrons move down the street. Then again, they have to stare at the Village Pub every day knowing all the great people, who onced worked at Alibi, now work there and own it too.

  2. Terry says:

    Good Riddance!!!

  3. Victor says:

    I mean truthfully does our community really need another bar? There are (5) just on one block. I’d love to see these owner’s paychecks, they must be making a killing off of gay men! As far as the non-compete agreements, they’re no joke. When a business agreement is entered and sold the non-compete agreement ALWAYS favors the buyer(s). I can’t believe Norman and Kessinger’s actions…they should’ve seen this coming!

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